Welcome to Trainz Carriage & Wagon Works UK. The site is intended to make it a little easier to find UK items that might be of interest. The Group includes a number of well known and respected modellers of the British scene from Broad Gauge GWR to BR Blue.

The group was started by John Whelan and Bob Sanders around 2003. Initially Dave Westwood very kindly gave permission for John to reskin his flat and John built the first version of a container in GMAX to go on the back. Subsequently John built many assets and produced initial textured versions and Bob extended the range by reskinning John's meshes. Later several others joined the group and produced their own assets or reskinned John's assets and Bob started producing his own meshes, mainly of scenery items.

In 2013 the group has added a number of well known and respected modellers of the UK scene, including skipper1945 and cmburgess, both members of the UK Branch Lines group and now UKBL and TCWW work in partnership to hopefully improve the range of UK assets and routes. Active members of the group number around a dozen although total membership is around 50.

In addition Steve Flanders of ING4Trainz is associated with the group so that Irish narrow gauge is also covered by the partnership, and of course Steve's GWR Broad Gauge and other assets.

TCWW also supports Trainz Pro Routes (TPR) and Robin_Hoods of TPR is a member of TCWW

John Whelan has set up a new site where he hosts some of the TCWW members' assets for downloading. Visit the site at JATWS

So now here are pages for each of the main UK railway companies (organisations) ie British Railways/British Rail, GWR, LMS, LNER, SR, and for Private Owners (including government controlled organisations such as NCB, War Dept., ROF, RNAD, Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) etc),horse drawn road vehicles & scenic items, including buildings and people. Models for pre-Grouping companies will be found on the page for the appropriate post-Grouping company eg Cambrian Railway under GWR, LNWR under LMS, GER under LNER, SECR under SR etc. Joint railways will be found on the pages of both of the joint owners eg SDJR will be found under both LMS and SR. Each page shows the description of the vehicle.

The New Content link below will take you to a page which will show both newly available content and content which is expected to become available shortly.

Most recent rolling stock is suitable for Trainz2012, whilst the majority of scenic items will be OK in any version from T2004 onward. Most items are available on the Trainz Download Station but some are available only at Trainz Pro Routes. Where the latter is the case it is recorded in the description of the model

Follow the links below to the various pages -

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Details of UK routes produced by group members

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LNERLover5's models

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